Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fast Pitch

If you have never attended a fast pitch competition, you should. An audience of entrepreneurs, investors, professors and students gather to watch selected entrepreneurs get up and give brief, concise and (ideally) exciting descriptions of their business ideas and why they should attract investment.

The really good pitch fests provide consulting and training for the entrepreneurs ahead of time, so they are ready to blow the room away with their commitment and creativity. The energy at these events is always crackling.

The best pitch fests I have attended are sponsored by our local Tech Coast Angels. Their sixth Annual Fast Pitch is coming up later this month:

The Tech Coast Angels 6th Annual LA Fast Pitch Competition is February 24th at UCLA Anderson School of Business. CEOs of 8-10 startups, selected from more than 100 applicants, will have 90 seconds to pitch their companies to a panel of judges. The winner will be invited to present their company and business plan at a Tech Coast Angels deal-screening session.

The 6th annual event will include presentations from CEOs and venture capitalists on funding and starting a company, and the Fast Pitch competition. A light dinner and refreshments will be served after the program at a networking event that will be attended by investors, entrepreneurs and other industry experts.

Check the website if you're interested in pitching or attending. Applications are due this weekend.

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