Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Local Family

Lots of groups are involved in promoting local businesses and the benefits for all of us who do so.

But this family is really responding way beyond the call of duty!

What do you think? Could you strictly buy local for an entire month - or year?


  1. I almost always buy local, and I mean really local, just South Pasadena. I'm just to lazy to go much further. There are exceptions. We don't have a bookstore, so I'll buy books from Vromans. But sometimes I do buy things online. My daughter hates to shop. If I show her a picture she can at least approve or disapprove.

  2. I'm pretty to close to buying all local. I'm very conscientious about spending my sales tax dollars in Pasadena.

  3. Margaret, I'm exactly the same as you - just too lazy and unmotivated to go any farther than my own backyard if I can help it. Now, my backyard is pretty slim pickings but I consider Pasadena and Monrovia (and Vroman's) to be local.

    Ann, good on you!

  4. We are fortunate in Pasadena to have Vroman's and a great downtown. (And Trader Joe's can be considered local here, right? Based in Monrovia?) We also have our pick of wonderful farmer's markets. When it comes to buying clothing, though, what do you do? Are the locally-owned boutiques not expensive? I'd love some clues on this.

    I rarely shop online. I have to see/touch/try on a thing before I buy it.