Friday, February 11, 2011

Female Empowerment

It's Woman, Hear Me Roar week at Bloomberg Businessweek this week, thanks to yours truly.

I have two female-empowerment tomes posted just today, rather coincidentally in terms of timing, but both worth checking out (IMHO).

One is on a new book that highlights how minority women entrepreneurs are doing business differently than the "norm" but still succeeding.

The other, which also appears in this week's print edition, is on the perplexing and little-noticed problem of how few women entrepreneurs enter business contests.

Contests, schmontests, you may say. But hold on a minute! Those contests do wonders for business owners in terms of training, increased confidence, expert feedback and exposure to investors and potential partners. And that's not even mentioning perks like money, awards and publicity.

And yet, the contests are thoroughly dominated by men, though there are moves afoot to increase women's participation. An interesting conundrum and one that allowed me to conduct a bunch of fascinating interviews.

Like Janelle Shubert, who's quoted in the piece, sometimes you just want to "put your head down and weep."

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