Monday, February 28, 2011

Naked, Naked, Naked

Yes, I'm quoting Elaine Bennis from Seinfeld.

But I'm also letting you in on a (not so) super-secret marketing tool that I stumbled into by accident last week.

I was looking over my Google Analytics and noticing a nice uptick in blog/site traffic for 2011. Then all of I sudden I clicked on a graphic and thought, "What the heck!?"

The little line went along fairly steadily all month and then - wow! - it shot way up and plunged back down the next day. In that one high-traffic day, I got close to 5,000 visits.

What in the world? I wondered if someone try to hack my site or pull a bot attack. And then I looked up the blog post for that day and noticed the headline:

Working Naked Day

I shared my findings with my web guru, Paula Johnson. Being a marketing genius, she suggested I elaborate on the theme.

Add naked to all your headlines:

New trends in naked small business financing.

Developing a slogan for your naked company

Marketing secrets from the band Bare Naked Ladies

I don't know about that.

But at least now I know why they call it Naked Juice.


  1. Who knew bare-bones marketing efforts would actually pay off? I'd love to be a naked company, unfortunately I've gained too much weight from stress (comfort food, y'know) to take advantage of that.... : >

  2. It's definitely an advantage to go nude on the 'net, Lori! ;-)

  3. I never got close to 5K visits on a single day, even though most of my models are scantily clothed.

    (Let us know how this post fares. Though they may know you're crying wolf.)

  4. Yes, I am going to have to remember to check the traffic on this one. I have a feeling I'll see a similar spike.

  5. Well, shoot. I feel like such a boob.