Monday, March 28, 2011

Make Mine a Million

I have been following the Make Mine a Million program for women business owners for several years now.

So I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that its next event comes up next week:

Count Me In is bringing its Make Mine a Million event to Denver on April 4. The mission is to encourage, inspire and help women businesses reach $1 million in revenue. The program has helped thousands so far. Women compete on stage to a panel of acclaimed judges - the winners get financing from American Express, mentoring & coaching, business and marketing tools and more.

Deadline for sign up is this Wednesday, so hurry up and get in on this now!


  1. sounds good, hon.
    Another small business idea- the TC bridal shops.

  2. Does it depend a lot on performance skills? Seems like a person with a great business might lose out if she doesn't have the confidence of a seasoned actor.

  3. Oh absolutely, Petrea. The business owners who compete really benefit if they get some presentation coaching, at the least.

  4. That's a business opportunity right there--presentation coach for entrepreneurs.

  5. Yep. Usually when I go to pitch fests, the finalists have been treated to some presentation coaching as part of the event.

    In fact our own Lilli Cloud does something like this, and she's very good at it!