Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Retailers Beware

Groupon and its competitors are not for everyone.


  1. Great piece on the industry. We've made it our mission to truly help locally-owned businesses at Scoutmob, and we are continually refining our practices to avoid these types of situations. Happy to discuss anytime!

  2. Thanks, Nicole. I appreciate your openness and I'm sure your clients do, too.

    One thing the prof at Rice told me is that he met with Groupon about his study and they were completely open to hearing about it and changing their practices to improve them for local retailers. He felt it was very refreshing and different, and I agree. Good to know.

  3. When Google was making a play for this, I couldn't understand how much money they thought Groupon was worth!!!

  4. It makes very little sense, Desiree. The barrier to entry for similar services is almost nil, as is obvious from all the me-too outfits cropping up, and they are cropping up just about weekly now.

    Not to mention Google's doing its own thing, which will be huge once it gets out of beta.