Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Be A Quitter

One thing I instilled in my kids is that they are not quitters. If they signed up for a team or a class, they finished it (barring extraordinary circumstances). They didn't have to love it, and they didn't have to sign up again, but they did have to live up to their commitment to the teacher or coach and their teammates.

I hate quitting. With very few exceptions, I even force myself to finish books that I don't like - even books I'm just reading for fun.

But as much as I believe in sticking with things, reality dictates that sometimes I have to throw in the towel on an idea or a project. So does everybody.

I get lots of questions from readers who have gone far beyond reality in trying to wring success out of a failed business. "What else can I do?" they ask. "Why didn't this work out!?"

It's impossible to answer without a complete investigation of their businesses, of course. But there are times when entrepreneurs have to do a reasonable assessment and decide that it's time to quit.

I address one of those situations in my Smart Answers column this week.

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