Friday, April 10, 2009

I Will Not Worry, I Will Not Worry ...

We've all said it: "There but for the grace of [insert personal deity/non-deity of choice], go I."

But it's scary to contemplate those words when the topic is losing a job.

Good to know that there are practical ways to help job-seekers, or to ask for help yourself, if you lose some big clients or a full-time job. The New York Times last month listed some things you can do in an easy checklist format.

Meanwhile, we all need to take deep breaths and try not to worry so much. The Times also had a story last week about how recession stress is on the rise.

It's difficult not to contemplate financial ruin and wig out about it (especially if you're a journalist married to a journalist!) but worrying is time-consuming and unproductive.

Just keep repeating that to yourself. I'll do the same.

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