Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reason to Like Reality TV

Too often, reality television brings out the worst of humanity. Although I watch a couple of reality shows (The Amazing Race is wonderful fun), I abhor the tendency toward cruelty, humiliation, back-biting and focus on looks and fashion that these shallow excuses for entertainment celebrate.

However, the talent shows occasionally fulfill their purpose of leveling the playing field for obscure contestants who would not otherwise get noticed by a larger audience.

In that spirit, you must watch Susan Boyle's audition last weekend on "Britain's Got Talent," the sister show of "America's Got Talent."

This opinion column in U.K.-based publication The Herald gets the matter absolutely right.


  1. I thought opera singer Paul Potts (on the show a few years ago) was a once in a lifetime TV moment. But Susan Boyle was incredible. And I agree, the opinion piece nails it.

  2. It's a testament to how shallow our society is that someone would even be shocked that an older, unfashionable person could sing beautifully.

    Where have these judges been? Certainly not to churches, community choirs and local celebrations, where it's not so uncommon for someone less-than-glamorous to get up and knock out a fantastic solo!

    As the opinion piece says, Edith Piaf would hardly have won a beauty contest - especially when she got started as a street musician. The truly talented artist does not get by on fluff or finery, but on his/her work first and foremost.

    What's scary to me is that this obsession with the visual limits great peoples' ability to succeed. As you often hear, gawky, large-nosed Abraham Lincoln probably couldn't get elected today!